Graduation Sunday

Congratulations to our Graduates
Picture of graduates.
Left to right. Becky Collins, Brenden Collins, Timmy Zupanc, JoAnn Zupanc. Joshua Zupanc not shown.

Graduating this year:

Brenden Collins will be attending college in Minnesota. He will be studying Agriculture and playing college baseball.

Joshua Zupanc  will be serving our country with the National Guard and starts basic training in the fall.

Timmy Zupanc will be attending UW Eau Claire to study Communications and Business.

We ask God’s blessing for our graduates. May God’s word be a light on their path.

Salad Luncheon

Our Salad Luncheon was great. We hope you were able to come, if not, there’s always next year.
Picture of kitchen crew
The kitchen crew all set to go.
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes. Getting ready to open.
Picture of table decoration.
Table decoration.
Picture of the hall.
All we need now are the hungry guests.
First hungry friends. Yum!

Grace UMC Bell

Grace UMC Bell arrives at new home


Bell on trailer.
Bell arriving from the shop.

When Greenwood’s Grace UMC merged with Loyal UMC it was decided to bring some significant artifacts along as a memorial to Grace UMC.  Pat Langfeldt removed the bell from the bell tower in Greenwood and it was taken to S&S Collision & Restoration LLC. in Withee, WI to be cleaned, coated, and the arbor painted. Grace UMC’s bell now arrives at it’s new home, Loyal UMC on April 19, 2016.

Preparing mount for bell.
Getting ready to set the bell in place.

Randy Cook drills holes to mount the bell arbor.

Mounting bell arbor
Almost ready.

Almost ready. Randy bolting the bell arbor in place.

Lowering bell into cradle.
Easy does it.

Randy lowering the bell into place while Bob and Myrna Tesch guide it down.


Bell mounted.
Finally mounted

All mounted and ready to go.

Ringing the bell
Test ringing the bell.

Randy test ringing the bell.

Bell mounted to the east of the door
The finished work.

The finished work.